Google is listed as the top search engine in the world today and it is also named as one of the most popular websites of our time. By setting Google as the home page in your browser, you make access to any information, news, image, video, documents, and other related websites easier, faster and simpler.

Whether you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer really does not matter as all of the options in the browsers are generally the same and therefore its easy to change with a few clicks of the mouse. Here are the instructions on how to make Google as the homepage for various types of internet browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

First step is to open a Firefox browser and locate the Tools menu. Then you select the options tab and click on another tab labeled general. In the segment for Startup, choose Show my home page in the drop down menu that is labeled When Firefox starts. Now you type in the URL for Google which is; www(DOT)google(DOT)com this goes in the alloted box called "Home Page" Finally click on okay and google is set as your home page in the Firefox browser. To check it has applied and your homepage is now Google simple click on the home button on the Firefox browser and you should be taken to Google. The Firefox browser will automatically show Google as the homepage.

Internet Explorer

Open an Internet Explorer browser and locate the Tools menu. Click it and choose "internet options". Locate the General tab and proceed with the Home page section. Type the URL for google which of course is www(DOT)google(DOT)com into the text box. Click on "Okay" Close the current Internet Explorer browser and open a new one to make sure that Google is the homepage.


Open up the Chrome browser and click on the menu for the "tools" option. Click on Options and select the Basics tab. Locate the Home page section and then select Open this page to indicate that you want to open a specific web page as your homepage. Type in the URL for google which is www(DOT)google(DOT)com in the text box. Another way of doing this is the navigate to the "on start up" part then select open the home page and then click on close. Close the current browser and open a new one to check that Google is the homepage.


The first step is open an Opera browser then click on the Tool icon. Choose Options from the menu. When it opens and you see tabs select the "Basics" tab and navigate your mouse to the "home Page" part. Click on Open this page and then type in the URL for Google which is www(DOT)google(DOT)com in the text box allotted for it. Finally, click on Close. To check if google is your home page close Opera down and re-open it, hopefully you should be seeing google.

With the above instructions you should now be able to make fast search queries within google at lightening bolt speeds. It is very useful to know how to make Google as my Homepage. how to make google as my homepage